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Best of British SF 2018 cover by Les Edwards: Chasing the Lightship

I'm thrilled to finally be able to share with you the Les Edwards cover design for Best of British Science Fiction 2018. This is an artwork called Chasing the Lightship.

And, who doesn't love more good news? I can also tell you what is going to be in it! Here are the stories, with lovely links so you can go and find out what other wonderful things these writers have done:

Providence – Alastair Reynolds
Talking to Ghosts at the Edge of the World – Lavie Tidhar
The Miracle Lambs of Minane – Finbarr O'Reilly
Territory Blank – Aliya Whiteley
Throw Caution – Tim Major
Golgotha – Dave Hutchinson
Salvation – Dave Bradley
Waterbirds – G.V. Anderson
Buddy System – Mike Morgan
Do No Harm – Anna Ibbotson
A Change of Heart – Hannah Tougher
Birnam Platoon – Natalia Theodoridou
Good – Sunyi Dean
Hard Times in Nuovo Genova – Chris Barnham
The Escape Hatch – Matthew de Abaitua
P.Q. – James Warner
The Purpose of the Dodo is to be Extinct – Malcolm Devlin
Cat and Mouse – David Tallerman
Before They Left – Colin Greenland
Harry's Shiver – Esme Carpenter
The Whisperer – J.K. Fulton
Death of the Grapevine – Teika Marija Smits
Rainsticks – Matt Thompson
The Veilonaut's Dream – Henry Szabranski
Doomed Youth – Fiona Moore
F Sharp 4 – Tim Pieraccini
We are going to be launching this book at Dublin Worldcon in August 2019 - we will let you know when we have a date arranged for this. In the meantime, it would warm the cockles of our many hearts if you would like to pre-order. You can do so from the Newcon website here.


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