Phew What a Scorcher! New ToC Causes Heatwave!


It's flaming June, and in this too-hot-for-goths weather I am delighted to let you know that the next installment of Best of British Science Fiction will be hitting your shelves in August. 

I have read hundreds of submissions and have selected 23 stories (I bet that will please some of you -  all hail Discordia etc.) that spoke to me in some way: of wonderful things to come; of the dark and destructive side of our minds; of souls split apart across the multiverse; of time travel and memory...

Look at this fine collection of brilliant minds and marvel:

Distribution – Paul Cornell 

Stealthcare – Liz Williams

 Down and Out Under the Tannhauser Gate – David Gullen

Me Two – Keith Brooke and Eric Brown

The Andraiad – Tim Major

Bloodbirds – Martin Sketchley

Going Home – Martin Westlake

Okamoto’s Lens – A.N. Myers

Love in the Age of Operator Errors – Ryan Vance

Stone of Sorrow – Peter Sutton

Henrietta – T.H. Dray

A History of Food Additives in 22nd Century Britain – Emma Levin

The Trip – Michael Crouch

The Ghosts of Trees – Fiona Moore

The Opaque Mirror of Your Face – Russell Hemmell

More Sea Creatures to See – Aliya Whiteley

The End of All Our Exploring – Gary Couzens

How Does My Garden Grow? – David Cleden

Girls’ Night Out – Teika Marija Smits

Bar Hopping for Astronauts – Leo X. Robertson

In Aeturnus – Phillip Irving

A Spark in a Flask – Emma Johanna Puranen

A Pall of Moondust – Nick Wood

Head over to the Newcon Press site now to pre-order!


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