Table of Contents Reveal for Best of British Science Fiction 2020

 Just look at this fabulous cover by the extremely talented Alex Storer. A fantastic  backdrop for the names of some fabulous writers featured in this edition of Best of British Science Fiction, now in its 5th year!

The book is available for pre-order right now over at Newcon Press at £12.99 for the paperback and £25.99 for the signed limited edition hardcover.

Set your launch countdown for 27th July.

And here's the rest of the ToC:

Introduction  Donna Scott

War Crimes – M. R. Carey

Blue and Blue and Blue and Pink – Lavie Tidhar

Infinite Tea in the Demara Café – Ida Keogh

All I Asked For – Anne Charnock

The Savages – David Gullen

Lazarus, Unbound – Liam Hogan

The Cyclops – Teika Marija Smits

Brave New World by Oscar Wilde

Chimy and Chris – Stephen Oram

Mudlarking – Neil Williamson

Infectious – Liz Williams

Cofiwch Aberystwyth – Val Nolan

Panspermia High – Eric Brown

Exhibit E – L. P. Melling

The Lori – Fiona Moore

Wilson Dreams of Peacocks – Melanie Smith

Variations on Heisenberg’s Third – Eleanor R Wood

The World is on Fire and You’re Out of Milk – Rhiannon Grist  

The Turbine at the End of the World – James Rowland

What Happened to 70 – C. R. Berry

Rings Around Saturn – Rosie Oliver

The Good Shepherd – Stewart C Hotson

Pineapples Are Not the Only Bromeliad – R. B. Kelly

Like Clocks Work – Andi Buchanan

Watershed – John Gilbey 

Here Today – Geoff Nelder


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