Test Card Girl Ditches Clown to Sign Antho

A couple of exciting things happening in the BOBSF world.

First of all, I was informed by Ian Whates that Best of British Science Fiction 2019 had reached #2 in Amazon's Hot New Releases for Science Fiction Short Stories last week - I just peeked and it is still at #5. Not bad for a book that isn't out until 14th July, though, eh?

And then the signing sheets arrived for the limited edition hardback, so I took them out into the 'orchard' (I see one apple) to get on with doing just that, whereby my husband took some photos for posterity. I didn't mean to dress like the Test Card Girl, but how apt it is to be dressed that way while we are in some kind of intermission from civilization as we know it, talking to stuffed toys (I don't have a clown, but I admit I do chat to the stegosaurus on my desk occasionally), doing the crossword, going faintly mad...


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