Book Siblings

Last Saturday 1st June was the launch day for BOBSF's sister anthology, The Best of British Fantasy 2018, which just like the last few London launches for Newcon Press took place at the Star of Kings, Kings Cross ON THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

That is my excuse for looking pink and fluffy in the photos.

Such a brilliant day, that also saw the launch of Legends 3: the David Gemmell-inspired anthology, which in previous years has raised money to go towards the David Gemmell Awards, but will now go to David Gemmell's preferred charities following the demise of those awards. The Gemmells were set up a decade ago to honour the memory of David Gemmell by another wonderful writer - and wonderful person - Debbie Miller, who has since sadly left us herself. Since her passing, the awards had been presided over by the awesome Stan and Anne Nicholls. I have loved going to the ceremonies every year to celebrate the best of Fantasy fiction, be that at the Magic Circle, or Fantasycon, or Edge-lit. They were always great fun, from the crazy auctions, to the mad letters from a young Andy Remic, and I am going to miss them.

In attendance on Saturday were many of the authors from both anthologies, and some who have been in previous volumes. I saw Den Patrick, Ben North, Danie Ware, R. J. Barker (who has got stories in both anthos because he's jammy a really good writer), Liam Hogan, Richard Webb, Fiona Moore, Lisa Fransson, Harkiran Dhindsa, Reginald Oliver... and Andrew Wallace, Gaie Sebold, Allen Stroud, and lots of awesome other friends, whose names are too legendary to list here.

Thanks to Ian Whates for a wonderful party, and congratulations to my editorial sibling rival and nemesis, Jared Shurin, who edited the wonderful BOBF 2018, with its superb cover by Matty Long. Lovely to clash swords with you, and meet your baby!

Ian Whates introduces Best of British Fantasy 2018

"Get signing those books, author slaves. Faster!": Jared Shurin

My book signed to me from Jared. The beef continues.

We. Are. Editors!

R. J. Barker and Ida Silkyfish are in a band now.


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