The Best Best Best of Editorial Gladiatorial Arena

Welcome to my new site for all things in celebration of the best of British Science Fiction, a companion for my anthology series, The Best of British Science Fiction, published by Newcon Press and edited by me.

Yes, Ian Whates, legend and genius in charge of Newcon Press has let me loose on all the stories once again, and  I will be drawing up my ToC for the 2018 issue imminently. Thus, will The Best of British Science Fiction be in its third iteration. I hope you are as excited as I am!

As we prepare to do battle against the Bestseller Charts of Infinitesimal Categorisation, I am joined by fellow editorial gladiators who fight for the honour of Best of British Fantasy and Best of British Horror respectively - step forward, Jared Shurin and Johnny Mains.

For those about to ToC!

Seriously, I am thrilled to be in charge of this series, and proud to have selected some truly wonderful stories over the past couple of years. The 2018 edition is due to be launched at Dublin Worldcon in August 2019, which gives you a few months to catch up and read the 2016 and 2017 editions if you have not done so yet. Of course, you may do so at the unfeeling graveyard of tax that is the giant online corporation of your choice, or why not try direct from Newcon here?

Expect to see updates about the series on this site, including the very hotly anticipated Table of Contents and cover reveals, together with articles, author interviews and more!


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