New Table of Contents and Cover Reveal for Best of British Science Fiction 2022

 It's my pleasure as ever to reveal a new Table of Contents for the latest book in my science-fiction short story anthology series, Best of British Science Fiction. 

BOBSF22 is resplendent in blue, with a bold yellow font, and features these fantastic stories that I have judged to be the best I have read in 2022.

Assets                                                                                      Keith Brook and Eric Brown

The Marshalls of Mars                                                             Tim Major

The Memory Spider                                                                 Fiona Moore

Junk Hounds                                                                           Lavie Tidhar

A Moment of Zugzwang                                                         Neil Williamson

Long Live the Strawberries of Finsbury Park                           Stephen Oram

FenZone                                                                                  Ian Whates

Gortcullinane Man                                                                   Val Nolan

Wheel of Fortune                                                                    Ida Keogh

Last Bite at the Klondike                                                         Liam Hogan

A Quickening Tide                                                                  Andrew Wilson and A J McIntosh                

Call of the Void                                                                       J.K. Fulton

Sunrunner                                                                                Robert Bagnall

The Amelioration of Existence in Spite of Truth and              EM Faulds


Translation                                                                              Philip Irving

The Flamingo Maximiser                                                         Dafydd McKimm

For I Shall Consider My Cat J/FRY                                         Alice Dryden

In the Weave                                                                           David Whitmarsh

Eternal Soldier                                                                         L.N. Hunter

The Spreads of Space and Endless Devastation                      Stewart Baker

Those We Leave Behind                                                          Vaughan Stanger

I Know What You Are                                                            Matt Thompson

Retirement Options for (Too) Successful Space                      Brent Baldwin


An intriguing collection of titles I'm sure you'll agree.

It is bittersweet that I have chosen another story by the collaborative writing team Keith Brooke and Eric Brown. For those not aware, Eric passed away recently. He was one of my favourite writers. Both as a solo writer and along with Keith Brooke, he wrote some excellent stories that have appeared in previous Best ofs. Eric passed away on 21 March 2023. He was a prolific and award-winning author of more than 50 books and was also known as a respected critic and reviewer for the Guardian and other publications.

Eric's fiction was known for its humanistic and compassionate exploration of alien cultures, such as in Kéthani - a book I loved so much, I got him to sign it twice.

Eric leaves behind a rich legacy of stories. I would compare his prose to a whale: gentle and vast, greatly intelligent, and there should be more of them.

See also "Me Too" - Keith Brooke and Eric Brown, BOBSF 2021

"Panspermia High" - Eric Brown, BOBSF 2020

"Targets" - Eric Brown, BOBSF 2017

"Beyond the Heliopause" - Keith Brooke and Eric Brown, BOBSF 2016

He will be greatly missed.

Now to talk about formats. You will note there are no advanced signed copies this time, just the paperback edition, but if you come to see me at a convention or a gig I will happily sign your copy for you.

Available to preorder from the Newcon website now ahead of publication on 25th July. £13.99.


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