We Have Launched!

I hope everyone who managed to get to Dublin Worldcon had a fabulous time.

Sadly, I was unable to make it as I was in hospital having an operation on the first day of the con, and still very groggy in hospital on the actual launch day. Here I am with my nephew Ashleigh on the day itself. Ash was very keen to get reading, but started on Alastair Reynold's story and pronounced it "full of swears" (it isn't)! So I directed him instead to Dave Hutchinson's story "The Escape Hatch", which he absolutely loved. Something for everyone in this book, but perhaps PG advised!

For those who don't know, I noticed after Eastercon that I was a bit lumpy in the belly area, and subsequent scans showed I had a huge tumour in my abdomen. I've had the operation to remove it (and other things) and I'm at home recovering now, but what timing eh? Still, I've tried to find the funny in my situation and if you're interested, I talk about the whole thing in my podcast The Lemonade Budget for Champagne Social Butterflies.

I have, however, heard some lovely things about the launch. All the copies Ian Whates had taken of Best of British Science Fiction 2018 sold out at the launch, having sold really well since the start of the convention. People drank wine! Tim Major was there, and Dr Fiona Moore from the current BOBSF, and Maura McHugh, Jaine Fenn and Adrian Tchaikovsky too!

I'm easing back into the next lot of work now.... yes, I have indeed already sent the artwork for Best of British Science Fiction 2019, submissions announcement coming soon!


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